6 Security and Hazard Signs Criminals don’t Like to see

6 Security and Hazard Signs Criminals don’t Like to see

Have you ever gone to a house or you know of a building where you have a sign which reads ‘Beware of Dogs’? While others can be scared, others might not be moved by this sign.

Security and Hazard signs can be placed at the main entrance, corridors, and garage and exit points.

Signs can be a loud and effective way to deter an impulsive burglar. Thieves are always looking to get in and out from a location they rob. They eliminate anything that could prevent them from getting away quickly.

6 Security and Hazard Signs Criminals don’t Like to see 

There are security and hazard signs that can help to prevent and resist the activities of criminals at places where crimes are prevalence. In this article, we will be sharing briefly 6 security and hazard signs criminals don’t want to see at locations.


  1. Guard dogs on patrol/Beware of Dogs

 Guard dogs (K9) are often used as an additional aspect to locations security systems. These K9 are effective in alerting people in the building to intruders and prevent unauthorised entry.

Usually, the sign indicating the presence of K9 is required to be posted according to local regulations. As part of our K9 services, Sheriff Deputies also provide this notice/signs so potential trespassers understand the consequences of coming unannounced.

These eye-catching K9 signs can be mounted both indoors and outdoors and are made from materials that withstand water, chemicals, and other elements. With clear lettering and universal symbols, they provide immediate and understandable communication.


  1. Barbed/Razor Wire Sign

Barbed wire is a wire technology first developed to restrain cattle to certain confinement. Its use has since evolved and we can now see it being used on concrete and wire fencing.

Like the K9 signs, a barbed-wire sign simple rings a sign of warning to the ears of whoever wants to tries to climb the fence.

In an attempt to gain entry, such a person can suffer a deep cut which makes him or her loose blood and weakens their body making it easy for security guards to apprehend.

So, because criminals know these could happen they avoid the barbed wire try other easy means to gain entry.


  1. Warning: Electric fence

The effects of electric shock range from discomfort to instant death, it is far from what you will call ‘a friend resistance’. Thieves and trespassers are always wary of the electric fence warning sign because of the threat they pose.

Usually, these signs are placed between the wiring itself so that anyone approaching such fencing can be aware of the danger ahead.

The sign indicating the electric fencing is required to be posted according to local regulations. Without the warning signs on an electric fence, such a person or organisation can be arrested, trailed, fined or jailed for negligence and attempt for arm the public.

So, safe yourself of some time in court by simply placing sign indicating electric fence if you have it installed.


  1. Warning to Public 

‘Private property, trespassers beware’, ‘Private property, keep off’, ‘Military Zone, Keep off’, ‘Private property keep off’, ‘Road closed’: these are common warning notice addressed to the public to either keep off or warn the public of the danger.

These signs are placed at the site to warn the public. If after placing this signs at a location, someone still finds a way to gain entry, the owner of such property can arrest trespassers and should there be a fatality, the owner of such property could get a leeway.

Thieves and trespassers know this implication that why they will not make an attempt to forcefully gain entry. You will need a legal authorization if you want to access a property with this warning sign even if it appears you own the properties.

The security of your life is most important; never take laws into your hands.


  1. CCTV surveillance signs

No one in his or her right senses would want to be caught on camera stealing or committing other crimes. Thieves know they have no hiding place if they are to rob a site where surveillance cameras are operational.

Surveillance camera helps security officials identify perpetrators and bring them to justice.

There are many other advantages of surveillance cameras. As a small as the CCTV surveillance signs are they are criminals worst nightmare.


If you have an operational CCTV system without these sign, then you might be shooting yourself in the foot.


  1. Door Alarm signs

Alarm doors are security doors, they are programmed to make sounds that a loud enough to notify the security officials on-site of a break-in.

The alarm usually gets turned on when someone tries to forcefully gain entry or attempts entry with the wrong keys or access codes.

Door alarm sign is not a conspicuous as the fire alarm or surveillance signs due to obvious reason; it’s always good to catch a thief in the act.

If you are looking to have a security door installed at home or office, you should contact us today.


Action point

Like we always mention with our articles, security is proactive in nature and unless precautionary security measures are put in place, insecurity will be the order of the day.

Enhance your security system and ensure the protection of your property by investing in these signs today.