7 Strategic Unexpected Uses of Security Guards in a Business Premises

uses of security guards

Security guards are charged primarily with the responsibility of ensuring the protection and safety of the properties under their care. However, for a commercial business premises, security guards can serve other strategic unexpected roles while still protecting your premises from unforeseen dangers, threats and risks.

In this article, we will be looking at 7 of these strategic unexpected uses of security guards in a business premises. These complementary uses of security guards will strategically contribute to the accomplishment of the corporate objectives of your company.

7 Strategic Unexpected Uses of Security Guards in a Business Premises

What are these strategic unexpected uses of a security guard for your corporate objectives?

  • Branding

The first strategic unexpected use of a security guard in a business premises is branding. Security guards can be used as brand ambassadors by putting on your company’s branded uniform rather than the security firm’s official uniform to represent your brand and improve the corporate image of your business.

This helps to create more awareness, enhance your brand reputation, make your business look cool and build customer brand preference. Three banks currently leveraging on this brand building strategic use of security guards in their business premises in Nigeria are Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB), Skye Bank and Zenith Bank. A visit to one of their branches will reveal this strategy.

  • Customer Service

Another strategic unexpected use of Security guards in a business premises is customer service. Your security guards can also be strategically used as customer service ambassadors. Your security guard can assist in attending to petty customer’s needs, by delivering helpful assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met.

And these professional help can be to direct people to find products and get to the right location, office or section within a business premises. Or be available as escorts for customers and employees to get to their cars after dark. Hiring a personable and capable guard can communicate that your business is secure and customer-oriented.

  • Facility Manager

Yes, your security guard can also be strategically used as a facility manager of your business premises. Such responsibilities will ensure that the buildings and other amenities used meet the needs of the people that work in and visit your business premises.

Meaning, as facility manager, your security guard can ensure the smooth running and maintenance of certain business utilities and keep the surrounding business environment in a suitable condition for customers and workers.

  • Crowd Control

In a situation where there are large crowds, your security guard can also be strategically used as a crowd control officer to manage such crowds. This will help to prevent the outbreak of crowd crushes, mob fights involving drunk and disorderly people or riots within the business premises.

  • Sales Persons

Your security guard is the first person your customers meet whenever they come visiting your office. This means they can also be strategically put to use for your corporate objectives. By providing them with sufficient product knowledge about your business, they can be used as a sales person even at the gate.

First time customers will have certain enquiries about your business, product or services, a well informed security guard can immediately answer such questions and help to close the sale by directing them to the right person or department.

  • Office Assistant

Office assistant is another one of the strategic unexpected uses of security guards in a business premises. As an office assistant, a security guard can help in carrying out menial office activities e.g. like issuing out tellers in the bank. This will help to give your employees more time to focus on their own tasks while the guards do the menial tasks.

  • Disciplinary Officer

The last but not the least of the strategic unexpected uses of security guards in a business premises is as a disciplinary officer. Your security guard can be used, appointed and trained as a disciplinary officer to control alleged violations of conduct in the workplace.

Misconducts do happen in the workplace, and your security guard can be used to initiate a disciplinary action on individuals who misbehave e.g. like a disgruntled employee or visitor can be bundled out of the premises by a security guard when the need arises.


Security guards are additional members of your team that can add value to your business so long as it doesn’t hamper their primary functions of crime and threat prevention by protecting people and property.

By exploring these 7 strategic unexpected uses of security guards in a business premises, your business will enjoy additional benefits as a result.