PERSONAL SECURITY: How to Be Security Conscious this Festive Season

Security Conscious this Festive Season

How safety conscious are you this festive season?

Christmas and New Year are here again and many will be celebrating the season.

The most serious obstacle to personal safety, especially this Christmas and New Year is an attitude of complacency – not taking responsibility of your security.

Today, the most prevalent threat you face is crime. A criminal attack to you and your family can take place at any post during this Christmas and New Year.

However, you can influence what happens to you as you assume responsibility for your own security by being security conscious this festive season.

Therefore, in this post, we will be looking at ways to be security conscious as you and your family celebrates this Christmas.

7 Ways to Be Security Conscious this Festive Season

In this season of celebration, it is paramount to consider key tips to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Below are ways to be security conscious this festive season:

  • Be Aware of Your Right to Safety

Everyone has right to safety and be safe with people. It is very important that you and your love ones are aware of this right during Christmas. And one key way is by adopting practical safety measures to reduce the risk of victimization and stay safe this season.

  • Be Aware of Safety Risks

In a festive season like this, you’ve got to keep the fear of crime in perspective. Because, having the fear of crime or that something will happen can result in unnecessary limitations on how you celebrate this festive season. Be aware of the safety risks, and if it feels safe, enjoy your right to choose what you do and when you do it.

  • Be Committed to Your Safety

Many people have a strong commitment to preserving the safety of their loved ones, often willing to take any action if those people are in danger, but do not have the same level of commitment to their own safety. Being committed to your safety is fundamental to staying safe. As much as you are committed to the safety of you loved ones, you should ensure to be committed to yours too to stay safe this Christmas and New Year.

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings

This is very important as you will immediately notice if anything seems strange and disturbing. Continuously surveying your surroundings in a relaxed, positive manner can alert you to potential danger, enabling you to take action to avoid it.  An awareness of your surroundings will also help you identify places or people who may provide assistance, if needed.

  • Be Confident in Yourself

Being confident in yourself enables you to identify and implement preventative safety strategies by having faith in your own abilities and to taking action to ensure your safety whenever it is threatened. Therefore, in this festive season, ensure to display an iota of confidence, even if it is a bluff.  Attackers target vulnerability.  The more confident you look the less likely you are to be attacked.

  • Be Sure to Trust and Act on Your Instinct

In such a festive season like this, be sure to trust and act on your instinct if you pick up a bad feeling from someone, or if you feel a sense of threat or danger.  This could mean walking or running away, or leaving the party or wherever you are and going to a place where you feel safe.

  • Be Sure to Develop a Safety Network

Having a safety network is also important this Christmas and New Year. Therefore, be sure to consider developing a safety network of trusted people who will provide support and advice if you have a problem or if you are concerned for your personal safety.  Your network may include friends, relatives, neighbours, work colleagues, community groups and police.


This is a season to be jolly. And in as much as it is time to merry, you’ve got to take responsibility for your security by being security conscious. Because, most obstacle to personal safety is an attitude of complacency when it involves taking responsibility of your safety.

The above security tips, if applied adequately, will help you stay security conscious this festive season.

From all of us at Sheriff Deputies Limited, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you in 2017!!!!!