EVERYDAY SECURITY: 5 Essential Tips to Increase Church Safety and Security in Nigeria

Church Security

A Church has always been a place where you are free and feel welcomed as a member. It is a safe place where you come to worship and have a quiet time for prayer and reflection. It has never been heard of that a church somewhere has been attacked. Very little attention was paid to church security.

But the most recent attack on St. Philips Catholic Church; where people where brutally murdered in cold blood and others wounded indicated the sudden focus on church security. Not to mention other acts of violence on other churches around the nation by the terrorist group known as Boko Haram.

However, with the rate of attacks on churches, its pastors and members are beginning to give church security a top priority.

Therefore, as we continue our Everyday Security Tips, let’s consider 5 essential tips to increase the safety and security of your Church.

5 Essential Tips to Increase Church Security and Safety in Nigeria

  • Give Church Security a Top Priority with a Plan

Making church security a top priority with a written plan is important and the first step to take to increase the safety and security of your church. This involves having a detailed security plan written and developed by key church elders with the professional consultation from security experts to provide guidance for increasing church security.

  • Include Security Experts among Church Security Team

Having church security team that includes members and volunteers only is never enough to help keep your church safe and secure. But by including external security experts as part of the church security team will go a long way to ensure the safety and security of the church.

And this consist of hiring professional security experts from a reputable security agency and scheduling them to be available whenever there is church service, event or people at the church. With the involvement of such security experts, they will help to respond to any emergency whenever any arises.

  • Control Every Access Points

The church is usually used by so many people, especially by different departments of the church. This sometimes makes it difficult to know who is entering the church premises. And without proper control of every access point, it will leave the church open to security threats and danger.

Therefore, controlling all access points of the church involves having a professional security expert on guard to keep non-members from restricted areas while ensuring the safety and security of the church is intact.

  • Provide Church Security Training Regularly

A church security team with no understanding of their role in and knowledge about church safety and security is a disadvantage in tightening church security. So what’s the advantage? The advantage is regular church security training.

Providing church security training on regular basis to every member of the church security team enables them understand their role in increasing church safety and security. It will also enable them know how to respond in time of emergency situations to ensure the safety of the church and members.

  • Secure Main Access Points with Locks and Keys

Securing every main access points (entrances and exits) of the church with the use of security guard during church operation is never enough. What about when the church is not in use, how can you keep every main access points secured?

Keeping every main access points secured consist of ensuring that each main access points and secured with locks and keys or with electronic access control technology. This helps to provided added security measures, to ensure the safety of the church, especially when they’re not being used.


The recent act of violence on Churches and its members has made it important to think strategically about church safety and security. Putting the safety and security of your church and members on prayer and fasting alone is not enough.

Although, prayer and fasting are VERY important but you’ve got to consider the above 5 tightening tips to increase the safety and security of your church against any unsuspected security threats.

What church security measures do you have in place? And do you need professional assistance that guarantees the safety and security of your church?

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