EVERYDAY SECURITY: 7 Effective Security Tips to Protect Fast Food Businesses in Nigeria

Fast Food Businesses in Nigeria

Fast food businesses in Nigeria are not excluded when it comes to security threats. They are particularly vulnerable to robbery, burglary and theft. It is normal for businesses like this to accumulate a large amount of cash on-site which makes them a high target for criminals.

Without adequate security measures, this threats could eventually become a reality in your fast food business and will affect the profit of the business as well as the loss of potential customers due to bad reputation.

So if you own a fast food joint or restaurant, you may want to consider the following effective security tips that can assure your customers, employees and fast food business of everyday protection.

7 Effective Security Tips to Protect Fast Food Businesses in Nigeria

As we continue our everyday security tips, here are 7 effective tips on how to secure your fast food business or restaurant in Nigeria.

  • Install Protection Windows

Investing in a protection window is a good security measure to keep fast food businesses in Nigeria safe and secure. This is because windows are very easy to vandalize at the same time expensive to fix. Having windows that are not protection windows makes your fast food business an easy entry for criminals. So, if you’re concerned about the threat of thefts or burglars, installing protection windows is an option to keep your fast food businesses in Nigeria safe and secure.

  • Install Security Systems

Having security systems such as CCTVs and alarms installed indoors/outdoors of fast food businesses in Nigeria increases safety in several ways. It can protect your employees and customers, monitor suspicious activities, and possibly deter crimes. When your fast food business is being monitored by security cameras, it deters almost every type of threat, crime or potential dangers.

  • Hire Highly Effective Security Guards

There are certain areas that your surveillance systems can’t go, but a professional security guard can. And when you put the protection of your fast food business in the hands of a self-employed security guard, your business is vulnerable to security threats. Professional security guards are a great addition to security systems, so you may consider hiring a professional security guard from a reputable security agency. As a result of their professional training, they are highly effective and will help increase the safety and security of fast food businesses in Nigeria.

  • Ensure the Place is Well Lit

A fast food business with poor light areas gives room for criminal activities. Criminals succeed in a poorly lit area and your employees and customers might feel unsafe. Ensuring that your fast food is well lit is an everyday security measure to deter crime and keep your employee and customers safe.

  • Don’t Keep Too Much Cash Around

The accumulation of excess cash can create security risk for fast food businesses in Nigeria, both internally and externally. So, an everyday security measure you need to really adhere to is making sure that excess cash are not kept around. This means, cash should always be deposited in the bank and few cash are left in the cash register. You can also make use of a POS. This helps to deter internal theft as well.

  • Run Frequent Audits on Books and Stocks

Another everyday security measure to prevent theft, mostly internal theft, is making sure that audit is being performed on regular basis. This way, loopholes are identified and measures are put in place to deter them. Also, ensure that stocks in the store room are always checked regularly to monitor and regulate access to the store room and prevent theft.

  • Regular Security Training of Staffs

Providing security training and awareness to your staffs is a key everyday security measure that helps keep them vigilant against any security threats. This means empowering your staff with current security issues on how to manage and respond to security threats. So, empowering your staffs with up to date with security practices and procedure will help increase the safety of fast food businesses in Nigeria.


For every food service business, the top priority is the safety of employees and customers. By practicing these everyday security tips listed above, you can increase the safety of your fast food business with the assurance that your employees can come and go safely while customers enjoy their time in your business.

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