EVERYDAY SECURITY: 7 Guaranteed Ways to Reinforce Hotel Safety and Security in Nigeria

7 Guaranteed Ways to Reinforce Hotel Safety and Security in Nigeria

With the rate of crimes in Nigeria, it is of great importance that hotel owners prioritize hotel security by reinforcing safety at their hotels to keep both guests and employee safe.

Not only does inadequate security put your hotel, its guests and employees at a great risk and danger, but any criminal act against a guest can also destroy your hotel’s reputation. And no hotel owner would want to have the reputation of their hotel destroyed by such negative incidence.

So as a hotel owner, this article will provide you with the following everyday security tips to reinforce the safety and security of your hotel.

7 Guaranteed Ways to Reinforce Hotel Safety and Security in Nigeria

  • Make Security a Top Priority

Giving security a top priority it deserves in your hotel involves having everyone at your hotel comply with available security policies. This includes having daily meetings where safety measures are discussed and videos and handouts about how to spot suspicious activities and other safety issues are shared. Once in a while, you can pay external security consultants to come and review and update your current security policies. Making security a top priority enables your staff to be more security conscious which will go a long way in creating a safe and secure place for your guests.

  • Control Every Access Points

When it comes to reinforcing safety and security at your hotel, an important everyday security measure is to control every access points (entrances and exits). Having multiple access points without proper control can put your hotel at great risk. So, ensure that your security guards are inspecting every access points physically or through remote monitoring for any suspicious movement 24/7.

  • Have an Updated Emergency Response Plan

Security threats such as fire, crime or violence can happen unannounced. And failing to have and implement a clear emergency plan/procedure can put everyone (guests and staffs) in your hotel at risk. That’s why having an up to date emergency response plan with a clear procedure, is a sure way to keep your hotel safe and secure.

  • Hire Professional Security Guard

The main concern of a security guard is the prevention of crime, risk and danger against people and property. But not every guard is capable of this function. And putting the protection of your hotel in the hands of unprofessional guards puts it at a great risk and danger. That’s why hiring a professional security guard from a reputable security agency will reinforce your hotel’s security and safety.

  • Have Regular Updates of Access Keys and Locks

Making use of access keys and locks without regular updates gives room for burglary threats. But regular updates of every access keys and locks will help to prevent external burglary. And this involves making sure that your employees are well trained regarding the issuing out of keys and having [electronic] keys and locks that keep tracks of who goes in and out of every access points in the hotel.

  • Schedule a Regular Public Areas Patrol

Hotels are always busy and crowded with people on daily basis. This is why scheduling a regular public area patrol of your lobby, parking lot, restaurants, etc, should be an everyday security measure to keep your hotel safe and secure. The public areas are very prone to nefarious criminal activities, so by regularly patrolling such areas, you reduce the possibility of a criminal activity.

  • Provide Staffs with Regular Security Awareness

Regular security awareness is another sure way to reinforce hotel safety and security in Nigeria. It helps to define all security procedures to follow against risk, crime and danger. And providing regular security awareness to your staffs keeps them up to date about how to respond and minimize risk and potential danger in boosting the safety and security of your hotel.


Reinforcing hotel security should be a top priority of every hotel owner. Because, having adequate security measures in place is crucial in keeping your guests and employees safe and secured. But inadequate security measures can put the hotel, its guests and others at risk and dangers. Not to mention the reputation of the hotel being destroyed by an act of violence or crime to any guest.

If you’re in need of professional security assistance, click here to schedule a free security risk assessment for your hotel.