EVERYDAY SECURITY: 5 Sure Ways to Keep Your Car Lot Safe and Secure

car lot security

In the anatomy of crimes in Nigeria, a statistical research conducted by the CLEEN foundation, car theft was among the identified crimes in Nigeria. As they say, numbers do not lie, below are the statistics of the state of car thefts crime in Nigeria according to the research.

The Survey revealed that;

  • 4% of respondents have had their cars stolen in the past one year.
  • The highest incidence of car theft occurred in the North West (6%), followed by the South South (5%).
  • The North East and South West recorded 4% and 3% respectively, while the South East and North Central recorded 2% and 1% respectively.
  • 35% of cars were stolen in victims’ homes, 34% near victims’ homes, 19% elsewhere and 12% at their work place or school.

Without doubt, car theft is an evident crime in Nigeria and deserves to be given proper attention by both car owners as well as the car dealers. This article is targeted to car dealers and how to secure their car lots. So if you own a car lot that contains commercial vehicles, rental cars, or vehicle for sale, you should pay attention to the following every day security tips to keep your car lot secured.

5 Sure Ways to Keep Your Car Lot Safe and Secure

Failing to give your car lot security the top priority it deserves can create a loophole for car thefts. So instead of worrying about security threats such as damages or car theft that can happen to your lot, why not learn how to prevent such threat from happening in the first place. Here are 5 sure ways to keep your vehicle inventory safe and secure.

  • Put Up a Solid Fence with a Gate

Not having a fence with a solid gate around your car lot makes it accessible to any car theft. It will make it easy for them to get into your lot and get away with any item or car of their choice. This is why putting up a solid fence with a gate is one of the first car lot security tips to consider. A fence and a gate are physical access control security measures; they serve as a natural deterrence on their own.

  • Hire a Professional Security Guard

Having a solid fence can be a good preventive measure, but it’s useless when there’s no professional security guard to man it. A professional security guard on stationed by the gate of your car lot sends a loud message to intending criminals. Because the mere presence of a uniformed guard is a big deterrence to thefts. So, hiring a professional security guard to watch over your lot and monitor it as well as notify the authorities for any suspicious activity can help keep it safe and secured.

  • Always Keep Light On at Night

Having a car lot without keeping it well lit at night is a great opportunity for someone who wants to vandalize or steal a vehicle. Therefore, keeping lights on always at night is a sure way to keep it safe and secured. And remember to keep lights out of reach. Professional criminals can disconnect them to gain access.

  • Install High Quality Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)

You can’t always be there to watch over your lot and your guards can’t be everywhere at the same time to watch over the entire lot; but an installed surveillance camera can. So, installing high quality surveillance cameras is a sure way to keep your lot out of danger.

A surveillance camera with plenty of memory to capture quality pictures is at your advantage. It will help you or the police if something should happen. And like the lights, ensure the cameras are out of easy reach and strategically positioned throughout the lot.

As a matter of fact, never try to install a CCTV by yourself without the professional consultation and guidance of a security firm. They know how to identify all the blind spots within any given premises more than you; they are trained to!

  • Always Keep Vehicles Away from Every Access Points

Vehicles closest to the entrances/exits of a car lot are always the first to be stolen or vandalized. This is because these access areas have the least surveillance and lighting. So keeping your vehicles away from every access points at all times is a sure way to keep them safe against thefts and being vandalized.


Car theft and vandalism happens everywhere; especially at public places like a car dealer’s car lot. With the above car lot security tips and if properly considered and executed, your car lot is guaranteed adequate safety and security.

If you need professional security assistance that guarantees the safety of your car lot, click here to schedule a free security risk assessment for your car lot now!