CYBER SECURITY MISTAKES: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid and Protect Your Business in the Digital Age


In this interconnected world, information can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere. And as information are being accessed on a daily basis, more and more threats such as cyber attacks are putting business information at greater risk.

Despite the availability of cyber security tips, most businesses are still making common mistakes that put the information of their business at risk. And who knows, your business might be among them.

Therefore, in this post we want to share with you 5 common cyber security mistakes to avoid and protect your business in the digital age.

CYBER SECURITY MISTAKES: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid and Protect Your Business in the Digital Age

  • Use of Weaker Password

This is the most common cyber mistake most companies make and that is the use of insecure password. Using common, guessable or generic passwords that are insecure exposes your business to cyber attacks. And the risk of unauthorized access by hackers can damage your business information. Therefore, avoiding such mistakes requires the use of stronger passwords that are diverse and not so easy to guess to help protect your business in this digital age.

  • Lack of Cyber Awareness

Not being aware of cyber security or the lack of cyber awareness is another common mistake businesses make. Because, when there is lack of cyber security awareness, it exposes your business to cyber crimes. And with such an exposure, a cyber attack is inevitable. What must you do to avoid this mistake? Regularly provide cyber-awareness training to your staff to educate them on how to work safely online in this digital age.

  • Use of Unprotected Smart Devices

As information is being accessed on a daily basis, most businesses make the mistake of accessing their information with unprotected smart devices from any location. The use of unprotected devices will further expose your business to cyber attacks. To avoid this requires regular updates and effectively managing the security settings of your company servers, workstations, PCs and mobile devices.

  • Retained Employee Access

Another overlooked mistake businesses make is retaining access of employees that have left the organization. Failing to block all access to business information (accounts and applications) when employees leave the organization exposes your business to greater cyber threats. To avoid this, you’ve got to manage all accounts and users permission accurately and revoke access and update passwords whenever any staff leaves the organization.

  • Lack of Backup Plan

This mistake is not too common but it’s an overlooked one. Whenever a cyber-attack happens, it takes time to fix and get your business up and running. But failing to have a backup plan to restore your business data and information back on time keeps your business shutdown for hours. And this can result to lose of revenue. So, to avoid this requires that you have a backup plan to fix any breach that takes place so that your business can be up and running in no time.


Are you or anyone in your organization making these mistakes? A lot of cyber security breaches take place online on daily basis. And you’ve got to be more cyber security conscious to guard against those cyber crimes

By identifying and avoiding the above 5 common cyber security mistakes, you’ll be able to protect your business against cyber crimes in the digital age.

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