PERSONAL SECURITY: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid and Stay Safe at All Times

personal security mistakes

Security threats can take place anytime and at any moment. And no one prays to experience risks, dangers or threats in their lives.

That’s why staying safe and secured at all times is vital. But, as much as there are personal security tips out there, most people are still making mistakes unintentionally. They are failing to adhere to the available personal security tips.

Although, no one is above mistakes, but it also vital you are aware of common personal security mistakes to avoid. And if you fail to, you will only expose yourself to unforeseen dangers, threats and risks.

Therefore, this post aims at sharing 5 common personal security mistakes to avoid and stay safe at all times.

5 Common Personal Security Mistakes to Avoid and Stay Safe at all Times

  • Not Committed to Your Safety

Being committed to your safety is fundamental to staying safe at all times. But, failing to have a strong commitment to preserving your safety will put your life at greater risk. Therefore, be committed to your safety by being informed and at alert at all times.

The following are practical ways to commit to your personal security;

Being vigilant: observing your surroundings to ensure that any sign of threats are identified and avoided

Being preventive: plan and put security measures in place to ensure your safety

Being restrictive:  locking every entry and exit points at home.

Being unpredictable: making sure that no one knows your movements or where you’re going or coming from.

Being accompanied: ensuring that you do not walk alone in the dark. Make sure you are accompanied at all times.

  • Not Observant of Your Surroundings

This is a key mistake that is often made, not being observant of wherever you find yourself. Observing your immediate environment in a relaxed and positive manner can alert you to any potential threat to prevent.

But, when you fail to be aware of your surroundings, it will hinder you from noticing any strange and suspicious things around you. You need to be more vigilant of your immediate environment to avoiding such a mistake and stay always.

  • Not Trusting and Acting on Your Instinct

Trusting and possibly acting on your instinct can keep you safe against any potential danger. On the contrary, not trusting your instinct whenever a sense of any danger is felt can put your life at higher risk. Therefore, be sure to trust and act on your instinct if you pick up a bad feeling from someone, or if you feel a sense of threat or danger, act on it.

  • Not Having a Safety Network

Not having a safety network of trusted people who could provide support and advice whenever you feel concerned of your personal safety can make you vulnerable to any potential risk and threat. So, developing a safety network of trusted people that may include family, friends, colleagues or even the police can become a safety net whenever your personal safety feels threatened.

  • Not Adopting Practical Safety Measures

Being informed on practical safety measures is one thing, adopting and applying such preventive measure is another thing; this where people miss it. And such a mistake can definitely threaten your safety. So, avoiding this mistake by adopting and applying practical safety measures like the ones discussed above will reduce your exposure to risks, threats and dangers.


It is a fact that mistakes do happen because no one, not even you is above mistakes. Just because no one is above mistakes should not be a reason why you should put your safety at risk.

Security threats can take place anytime and at any moment. And you can always stay safe and secure at all times if these common personal security mistakes (as discussed above) are considered and avoided.

Once you can be able to avoid these mistakes, you’ll be less prone to threats, risks and dangers.

How are you avoiding these mistakes?