BUSINESS SECURITY AUDITS: 3 Essential Areas to Assess and Properly Prepare Against Security Threats

business security audits

Periodically assessing your business security is an important part of your organization’s preventive measures. This is known as business security audits.

Security is mostly an invisible attribute that tend to be neglected once it has been set up. However, we tend to miss some things due to the fact that businesses changes on a daily basis, possibly opening it up for new vulnerabilities. And with new security methods invented daily, security methods of yesterday may not work for security threats of today.

So just as every machine comes with a list of scheduled maintenance items, your business security should have a list of areas to audit on a periodic basis.

Therefore, in this post, we will be looking at 3 essential areas of business security audits for proper preparations against today’s security threats.

Business Security Audits: 3 Essential Areas to Assess and Properly Prepare Against Security Threats

Business security audits or assessment consists of evaluating and providing preventive options for improving the safety and security of a business.

Below are 3 areas that require periodic business security audits:

  • Business Security Systems

The first area of business security audits or assessment in your company is the security systems. Running an outdated or non-functional security system in your organization cannot help in monitoring and responding to immediate threats if any should arise.

But a periodic audit of your security systems such as alarms, CCTV, access control points, etc, by identifying if the business is protected by an updated security alarm or CCTV systems will properly prepare your company against today’s security threats.

Therefore, ensure that all security systems are maintained periodically and up to date.

  • Business Premises/Properties

Your business premise is another essential area that requires consistent business security audits. There are two common security threats against your business premises such as vandalism and theft that can have negative effects on your business.

A periodic business premises security assessment will keep the valuable assets in your business premises safe and secured. And this is done by ensuring that all valuable property are permanently marked with a corporate identifier, insured and listed with photographs and kept somewhere safe.

  • Business Personnel

There are two types of threats, internal (employees) and external (strangers) threats. As much as periodic security risk assessment are carried out to prepare and prevent external threats from taking place, internal threats that consist of your business personnel cannot be left out.

Carrying out a periodic business security audits or assessment on your personnel is highly recommended. This is done by ensuring that;

  • Only authorized personnel are granted access to important areas in your business
  • They are properly trained with the current security methods

Doing these two things will properly prepare your business against threats.


Business security audits helps to assess the security loopholes of your business. It covers potential areas of vulnerabilities and provides preventive measures to put in place to reduce the risk of crime against your business.

Periodic assessment of your business (as shown above) is mandatory. Because, it enables your business to be properly prepared against today’s security threats.

To be properly prepared against today’s security threats, click here for a free security assessment of your business to enable us uncover potential areas of vulnerability in your business and provide preventive measures against today’s security threats.