SCHOOL SECURITY: 7 Security Tips for New and Returning Students

SCHOOL SECURITY:7 Security Tips for New and Returning Students

The months of September, October and November are special months of the year, mostly for students and pupils. It’s a period when new academic sessions begin. It’s that time of the year when student and pupils become more hesitant on reuniting with classmates and getting started with the new academic syllabus.

In Nigeria, schools are essentially modelled in 2 ways; you have the Day and Boarding School. The boarding schools allow for pupils to live within the school premises, while the Day schools/day pupils come from their homes to schools.

Likewise, for students in the higher institutions, we have students who live on campus while others live off-campus. In this article, we will be sharing 7 security tips for new and returning students. There is a need to take note of these tips, heads of schools would also benefit from this article.

SCHOOL SECURITY: 7 Security Tips for New and Returning Students

These are 7 security tips for students, head of schools and anyone who desires a more secured academic year for their wards.

  1. Schools Should Mend Broken Walls or Fences

Prior to resumption, a security risk assessment is expected to be carried out in order to guard against a security breakdown. Most schools usually equip their laboratories and buy other valuable equipment during the holidays.

When you have your school walls or fences broken, you leave yourself open to an attack from the ‘men of the unknown’. A security risk assessment would have opened your eyes to the need to mend a broken wall. As a school administrator you might not be aware of a broken wall especially if you have a large expanse of land.

  1. Employ the Services of a Security Guard

Security guards are men and women who have been trained on how to guard you in the most civil way. Their job is to make you worry less about your safety. They more or less help you bestow confidence in the mind of students and staff; they don’t have to be scared on being attacked by a criminal.

The benefits of security guards are enormous, if you haven’t acquired their services yet, now is a good time to do so. Especially if you are outsourcing from us, our security guards are trained to give you the best and most affordable security service anywhere in Nigeria. With us, you get more while paying less.

Engaging the services of security personnel should be on your priority list if you don’t have any. If peradventure you aren’t getting the value for your investment on the security services you are currently getting, feel free to relate with your service provider or relate with us. We would proffer you with a better alternative.

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  1. Keep bags safely, buy new locks when necessary

For a typical Nigerian student, the beginning of a new session or semester is a time when there is more money to spend compared to other periods of the session.

While planning to return to school, it is important that students also make plans for their personal security. The purses and handbags should be zipped and properly kept. Some of the bag packs have padlock holes fabricated with the zips, do well to get one of these bags and use padlock that fits.

Security within an academic environment should also be beefed up, especially when a new session is just beginning. Report has it that robbery in Nigerian tertiary institutions occurs within the first few weeks of the school’s resumption and few weeks to the end of a session.

Also, get new locks and keys if the ones you have are no longer strong enough.

  1. Avoid walking at night and poorly illuminated areas

Walking at night or in poorly illuminated areas is not the best habit to keep if you want to stay safe. The fear of the unknown is what you are exposed to each time you try to walk at night. 75% of reported rape cases usually happen at night and in poorly illuminated areas.

Avoid staying late at night; if you must walk or drive by night, ensure the route you are taking is properly illuminated. Having a pepper spray is a good protective gadget you can get for yourself, especially for women who are the most vulnerable.

  1. Get Familiar with Your School’s Security

Tertiary institutions are expected to have a security post/station where they meet to strategise on ways to better police the school, resolve conflicts and detain suspects.

New students are expected to familiarise themselves with the school’s security protocols. Basic information like time for gate closure and openings are few things you should know as a student.

Know the security officer and their designations, name tags on officer can help you identify them by name.

  1. If you see something, say something

The turnkey factor for adequate security is information. Information, in this case, has to do with the immediate reporting of a possible security breach as soon as it is noticeable.

The phone lines of emergency response groups should also be stored in the phone contact list; these will aid the prompt reporting of crimes.

At Sheriff Deputies, we take the issue of confidentiality very seriously. With us, information you share remains confidential.

If you are a school administrator, having a private security company manage your school’s security would be one of the best decisions you would be making.

  1. Avoid going to places you don’t know

This tip should be most beneficial to new students because they have little idea of their school environment.

As a security measure, it is important that you make your findings on how to navigate an unfamiliar area before setting out. Criminals are notorious for exploiting the ignorance of some visitors. If you seem lost in an area, it is advisable to try going back, instead of falling into the wrong hands.

Understandably, some new students might want to take time to explore their new environment. So if you must take a walk or a short trip, it is safer to go with someone; preferably someone who knows his or her way around the school environment.

Action point

Some critical security tips for school administrators, students and pupils have been shared in this article and we believe it has added to your wealth of knowledge.

Schools administrators must ensure that a security risk assessment is done consistently for a safer learning experience. We also noted the importance of having a private security company to handle your school’s security.

Security lies first in your hands. We are available 24/7 to meet all your security needs, click here to send us a message or call for a security assessment of your school.