TRAVEL SECURITY: 6 Security Tips You Must Know Before Booking a Hotel in Nigeria

TRAVEL SECURITY: 6 Security Tips You Must Know Before Booking a Hotel in Nigeria

Security tips are brief and concise information that help to create a safer and secured environment. This information can come in a different format; some advice could be gotten from individual testimonials and experiences, articles and security blog/new websites.

There are different perspectives on reporting security issues or solutions. It is possible to get feedback from someone who has had the experience of staying in a hotel for some time. While someone who have not spent time lodging in a hostel might likely give his or her advice based on perception and what others say.

Sheriff Deputies have security guards stationed in over 200 hotels across the country and we can safely share some tips that could make time spent in the hotel a truly pleasurable one.

TRAVEL SECURITY: 6 Security Tips You Must Know Before Booking a Hotel in Nigeria

The following are security tips you must know before booking a hotel in Nigeria.

  1. Book Hotels Online

Many business processes today are digitally driven. We can now automate several operations with tools like websites, and other software technologies. These tools have also made information sharing more secured.

If you are planning to spend some time at the hotel you should book rooms online. This saves you time on arrival, and most importantly you give less information over the counter where other people can hear you converse your details which the receptionist. It helps you to keep a really low profile.

In Nigeria today there are online platforms where hotels are listed, there you can book and pay online or pay at the counter.

  1. Avoid Using ‘Do Not Disturb’ Door Tag 

The use of the “Do Not Disturb” sign on a door handle is very common with 3-5 star hotels. This tag is used by a guest who wants more privacy. It simply tells the servers, cleaners and housekeeper to stay away. As good as this tag is, it also draws unnecessary attention to your room when you use them.

Individuals with intent to rob could be curious to know the kind of person in the room with the mentioned tag. Hence you are putting yourself at the risk of being robbed. Even criminals lodge in hotels, be guided!

  1. Identify Exits/Emergency Exit

Upon checking-in, at a hotel one of the things you should look out for is the emergency exits point. The emergency exit routes provide a clear and safe way to evacuate the hotel.

No one who wishes for a crisis or disaster, but it’s good to have a plan to manage them when it happens. When you already know how to escape a possible disaster, you will be able to save yourself and others.

At Sheriff Deputies, we also care about your safety; we ensure that all properties guarded have exits points. If upon carrying out our security risk assessment and we see that your structure does not allow for a prompt evacuation in case of emergency, we will suggest them and advice on where the exit routes should be located.

  1. Get a Flashlight

Flashlights are one of the most effective security gadgets you should have in your bag when lodging in a hotel. The flashlight can serve as a weapon if you are being attacked, you can use it to temporarily blind a possible attacker – giving you a chance to escape.

Flashlight also illuminates an area from night to day, it’s one of the most effective tools for security, and it is also the eye of the security guards at night.

  1. Keep Your Bags in Front of You

While waiting or sitting at the hotel lobby, it advisable to have your bags close to you. Zip up your bags – bags with valuables should be carried by you, especially bags where you have your other travel documents.

The habit of keeping your bags in front of you is a habit you should try to get used to because it’s one of the best ways to keep bag/luggage from being stolen or swapped. If you require the assistance of someone to help you with your bag, you can politely ask the person on the counter to help you get someone, preferably a security personnel.

  1. Take note of Landmarks

A good way to orientate yourself and to be conscious of your environment is to take note of the landmarks around your hotel.

On checking-in, take a moment to look through your windows and take note of landmarks. These are, iconic buildings you can’t miss, Police stations, Churches, Mosques, High-rise buildings, Filling stations, and Hospitals are examples of landmarks you should note.

Should there be any cause for alarm or kidnap one can easily describe the hotel environment, hotel name can be hard to remember when under threat.

Final words

Hotels security tips are what we have been able to share with this article, we have mentioned a few tips, specifically 6 tips.

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