NIGERIAN BANK SECURITY: 7 Reasons Why Nigerian Banks Can’t Exist Without the Security Guards

NIGERIAN BANK SECURITY: 7 Reasons Why Nigerian Banks Can't Exist Without the Security Guards

The impact of the private guards in Nigeria has been nothing but awesome! The only time you are likely not to see security guards are when you are in bed. They can be seen at hotels, schools, banks, shopping mall, eatery/restaurant, worship centres, hospitals, airports, parking lots, and so on.

One thing is central when discussing the roles of security guards in any of the mentioned locations – their main duties are to ensure that your safety is assured. The biggest or the earliest beneficiary of the private security services in Nigeria are the Banks.

We are sure you will question any bank that has no security guard on duty. You will most likely feel threatened and disturbed.

NIGERIAN BANK SECURITY: 7 Reasons Why Nigerian Banks Can’t Exist Without the Security Guards

In this article, we are going to discuss the duties of the security guards and the reason why they are always at the bank 24/7, even on holidays!

  1. Security Guards Improve Customers Confidence

The job of a bank security guard is mostly done while standing. Most of the time you go to your bank, you will find the security guards standing and observing all that goes on in the banking premises.

The presence of security guards deters criminals. For an innocent bank customer, he or she will not be at ease when they know there is no security guard on duty. But for criminals, they are happy to know your bank security guard is not around hence they rob customers who have come to make a transaction.

Most criminal will have a rethink if they see a security guard on duty.

  1. Security Guards Are More Vigilant

One of the qualities that make good security guards is the ability to stay alert for a long time. They are trained to have little or no blind spot. Security guards have a keen sense of hearing, sight, and smell. They can smell a threat from a distance!

Well-Trained security guards can also help improve fire safety, because they have a keen sense of smell, they can know when an electric cable is burning or when there is a leakage. For most banks, security guards are the ones who provide support when there is a fire incidence in a bank before the fire fighters arrive.

They are also able to detect strange sounds, such as when someone is secretly trying to open a door. They are not easily carried away by someone who could be trying to divert their attention off duty.

  1. Security Guards Are Good at Observing and Reporting

Security guards leave no stone unturned in the event of a security situation. They assess events leading to the security breach and also do post-event investigation before returning to normalcy.

Upon averting a crime, the security guard then reports to his supervisor, police and other agencies who have been assigned to manage a given situation. In the event of a fire outbreak, the security guards are the ones who make the calls to the fire services.

Security guards maybe not equipped to handle a robbery situation because robbers are usually armed with deadly weapons. The best security guard can do is calling the police.

This is the reason why you will always find a security guard sitting very close to the intercom at the bank (if you have not taken note of this, kindly observe at your next bank visit).

  1. Security Guards Implements Company Policies – Checking and Monitoring

In Banks, security guards have been assigned the task of maintaining certain rules and policies as laid down by the employer. For instance, the bank manager might request that visitors be searched before granted entry. All banks have their policies, especially policies that have to do with checks and monitoring.

Similarly, banks may require their employees to show their identity cards before being granted entry into the work premises. In such cases, a security guard must check and ensure that all the rules are obeyed.

  1. Security Guards Are Good At Crowd Control

Security guards help to manage the crowd in the banking halls. Some bank customers can be impatient with the queue; they jump the queue, which can cause other customers to violently react.

The presence of the security guard will prevent a breakdown of law and order. In the case of overcrowding, entry to the bank hall can be restricted for a few hours so that the crowd can be eased out.

To a large extent, uniformed security guards are easily obeyed when it comes to crowd maintenance, compared to someone who is in suit and ties (banker). Bankers have no business managing the crowd really, that’s the job of the security guard.

So, when you are going to report a situation that has to do with orderliness and crowd control you know who to report to? The security guard! Allow your banker to concentrate on giving you the best for your money!

  1. Security Guards are Hospitable

Nigerian banks all have security guards stationed at the entrances and sometimes also stay at the front desk to welcome guest and give direction to anyone to need it.

You can say, they are the first customer care personnel you will meet before going to the customer care section of the bank. If a customer is asking a question they don’t have answers to, they direct them to the appropriate table. You shouldn’t be stranded when you have them in the banking hall, tell them what you want to do at the bank, and they will show you how you can get it done.

Guards at Sheriff Deputies are very friendly, approachable, and willing to help others – this is one of the reasons why businesses choose them.

  1. Security Guards perform other Special duties

Some security guards do more than their primary duty. They may be assigned additional responsibilities, such as managing the generator, receiving phone calls, and other vital errands for their employers.

Due to the limited car parking space in some banks, they ensure that cars are parked at the appropriate parking space. Usually; lines are drawn on a parking space to indicate the spot where a car ought to be parked. A disorganised car park is not good publicity for banks.


The security guards are the unseen heroes of your banks. They are the reasons why your bank is one of the leading Banks in Nigeria. Their ability to take precautionary measures that could affect the banks’ security is another reason why you feel safer when you are in the banking hall.

We hope this article has helped you to understand better, the duties of security guards and why banks can’t open for business if the guards have not been stationed at their respective post. Perhaps this is another call for you to appreciate the effort of private security companies in Nigeria.

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