TRAVEL SECURITY: 6 Security Tips for Airport Users

Security today has become the most important of man’s basic need, just closely rank behind food. No one prays to be a victim of a crime neither would you pray that your house is bugled before you get back from the day’s work.

There is no gainsaying, Nigeria is a highly religious country and trust, we say all kinds of prayers for the protection of lives and properties 24/7! This article will focus on security in transport, but for today, we are going to specifically share some insights on how to stay safe at the Airport.

Airports are places where local and international air travels are booked. It is adjudged to be the safest means of travel as reports have it that lesser people die due to plane crashes. Despite air travel being the most expensive means for travels, many people still prefer it to other means of travel.

 TRAVEL SECURITY: 6 Security Tips for Airport Users

For us at Sheriff Deputies, we believe you should feel safe anywhere you are. Congratulations to everyone who uses the Airport, because we are about to share this tips that will change your perception about security. If you have never taken a plane, then brace yourself and let’s get started.

  1. Cover Luggage Tags

Upon arrival at the departure area of your Airport, the bags and luggage are checked and tagged; these tags usually have addresses and names. You should have this tag hidden (at least at your departure) because criminal does hang around the Airports checking addresses of travelers to locate empty houses they could burgle.

  1. Always Arrange A Pick Up At The Airport before Arrival

Arranging a pick up at the Airport can be the best security step you can take when traveling by air, especially if it’s your first time in that country or city. You should relate with your travel agency or your event organiser (if you are traveling for an event) on how to arrange a pick up for you.

Criminals have a way of identifying new arrivals, which makes you venerable to all kinds of crimes; kidnapping, robbery, and rape are just a few of the common crimes.

  1. Watch Your Luggage

There is a chance that you get carried away when you are in the Airport, especially if it’s your first time at that Airport.

Here is a security warning you must keep to: For no reason should you leave your luggage unattended to and leaving your luggage to strangers to watch is not a wise decision. Like we noted earlier, criminals do loiter around the Airport as well.

Another common character exhibited by most new airline travellers is seeking assistance from unknown persons to carry their luggage.

When you are in the Airport or any public place, please do not carry items on behalf of someone you don’t know. The content of this item could be illegal and you could be roped. Never leave luggage unattended or under the watch of a stranger.

When abroad be careful of people asking for directions or sharing fliers, they could be criminals disguised as a social worker in the Airport.

If you must seek the assistance of someone in carrying your luggage, ask someone at the service desk. There are some set of people in the Airports that have been authorized by the Airport authorities to handles logistics, or better still call a security guard close to you-you can’t go wrong with guards!

Extra tips: Ensure that security guards have visible name tags/identification number, and the very security company name.

This tip brings us to the 4th security tips for Airport users.

  1. Get Basic Airport Security Requirements

The levels of security scrutiny in Airports differs across countries and cities, however, there is a required level of security in each section of the Airport.

You should ask your travel agent about security before the flight date. This little insight will help you to be more relaxed at the Airport and focus on the things happening around you, especially when your bags are on the trays for a scan. Because you could have very similar luggage/bags with other travellers, bags could accidentally go astray or left behind.

  1. Use Official Airport Taxi Only

If you must get a taxi, please get one from the Airports taxi park. Many people have become victims of criminals who disguise as taxi operators. Peradventure, it’s your first time in a country, ask the Airport staffs you see around for direction, they will direct you to an official taxi park and let you know the rough cost and journey time.

Upon boarding the taxi, sit behind the driver so you can see what they look like (facial recognition), but they cannot see you. Pay the driver once you arrive at your destination and while you are still sitting in the vehicle, avoid standing by the driver to make your payment.

  1. Keep valuables close

An important document like flight tickets, travel insurance, passports, medicine or any other expensive items should be kept with you at all time. Passengers usually have overhead lockers, you should keep your valuables there, and remember to know what may or may not be covered by your home insurance while abroad. Consider investing in a waist bags to store cash and cards while abroad.

Action Point

We have been able to share 6 security tips for Airports users. With this article, we believe you have been exposed to the information that will help you have a nicer experience at Airports. It is impossible to ignore security if you are looking to have good travel experience.

A hugely anticipated travel experience can be halted at the departure point if some of these tips are not put into use. You can say such a trip has ended even before it started.

For us at Sheriff Deputies, your safety and security are most paramount to us. Share this article with friends and family, someone you know might just need this. Please use the share buttons below to share on social media.

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