Nigeria is no stranger to incessant criminal activities – a worrying situation that has become a cause for concern for the Nigerian government and her citizens. In some part of the country, communities cannot afford to sleep with their two eyes closed!

Economic developments in areas affected by crimes such as kidnapping, terrorism, and armed robbery have been badly affected as investors now look for a safer place to start or grow their businesses, leaving many jobless.

The reality is, crime cannot be entirely eradicated. The ideal thing to do is to put in place adequate security measures. There is a popular saying that “prevention is a better cure”. What this means here is that it’s better to prevent a crime from happening, than waiting to experience and manage it.

That’s why today’s article focuses on majorly how to prevent a crime from happening. It’s an article to proffer preventive security measures for a safe and secured environment to live and work.


We are going to critically look at what security risk assessment is, and why you should have one conducted urgently in your home or office.

  1. Security Risk Assessments Are Industry Requirement

Security and safety checks are part of the requirements for endorsing/certifying certain business premise before they are opened for business. From time to time, regulatory bodies also visit and ensure that the standards are not compromised. There are sanctions for any establishment found to have defaulted.

This assessment helps you to detect vulnerabilities and non-compliances. Businesses who do a regular security risk assessment find it easier to manage a security breach because they are more or less prepared to tackle the breaches. After all, a test would have given them an idea of the gadget the security guards will need to carry out their task effectively.

  1. Security Risk Assessments Aids Smart Purchase 

Security risk assessment can help you save cost as an organisation because you don’t need to go buying all the available security gadgets. The details of a security risk assessment will give organizations an idea of the money required to purchase specific kinds of equipment they will need.

A security risk assessment can help to calculate the costs of security improvements and express the long-term financial benefits of investing in security efforts before an attack. Aside from suggesting security purchases, Sheriff Deputies also procure and supply security gadgets.

  1. Security Risk Assessments Can Improve Future Assessments

Security risk assessments completed by Sheriff Deputies experts take the steps necessary for a standard security appraisal. We then create an assessment structure, get available security-related info, and implement self-analysis features.

In taking all these steps a risk assessment has the potential to boost productivity and lessen the work necessary to complete the next annual security risk assessment. Meaning you keep paying less for an assessment year in, year out. A continuous SRA would help you keep your security apparatus upgraded to conform to the latest security standards.

  1. Security Risk Assessments Exposes Venerable Spots

An SRA shows venerable areas in your facility. At Sheriff Deputies we do our best to ensure the reports given is simple enough to use and understand, such that management can take charge of the security of their organization.

In doing so, security becomes a more significant part of the organization’s culture and allows team members to analyze themselves and their contribution to risks and security.

Employees can know the ‘dos and don’ts’ of your company when it comes to security.

Let’s take for instance, weapons are not allowed in the banking all because it can be a tool for robbery. Even if you don’t have an intention to rob the bank, this and many others are some of the things an SRA would recommend.

  1. Security Risk Assessments Facilitate Communication and Decision Making

The results of a Security Risk Assessment aids communication and decision making. For one to be secured, some details of the SRA could require immediate actions, while others can differ.

When we acquire a new property, it is expected that we put anti-security measures to prevent it from being stolen or damaged. An SRA will help you prioritise your actions in terms of your security strategy.

For instance, there are times when you don’t need a part of your property manned by a guard, a good padlock might just be enough, while in another case you might only need a CCTV installed at those spots. An SRA would have helped you conclude on the security action to take at the time the SRA is done.

Final Words

Although annual Security Risk Assessments (SRA) are required and can result in a fine or closure depending on the kind of company if not done. For anyone who wants to get it right with recruitments of security personnel, we advise you to conduct an SRA before engaging a security company. It might interest you to know that we offer this service at no cost, yes we mean it!

Thank you for reading through, we hope we have made you see the benefit in having an SRA conducted in your facilities/location. Please sign up to our newsletter to get an instant update on the latest security article.