It is no longer news that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses has had serious adverse effect on the economy and as it continues to mount, management in different industries are also seeking innovative ways to protect the health of their employees whilst reinforcing their companies’ resilience to meet up with the demands and evolving trends of the time. Organizations must consider how the current crisis will also change long-term social interactions, events, personal contacts and what products and services will better serve them in the new post COVID-19 world.

The management of Sheriff Deputies Limited, like most industry executives is constantly seeking innovative ways to protect the health of her employees whilst reinforcing the company’s resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure premium service delivery is sustained regardless of perceived challenges.

Sheriff Deputies, in other to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 have put in place some strategies to aid efficiency and improve their relation with clients and partners. Some of these strategies include:


  • Formation of a Crisis Management Team: One of the first step taken by Sheriff Deputies Limited was to set up a committee to make policies and provide information to management team and front line staff on topics like awareness, prevention and proper hygiene.  The Company also covered areas of employee safety and other future developments; covering issues like protocols for remote working, daily safety check-in, monitoring compliance of health and safety guidelines, issuing of PPEs to staff and guards, etc.
  • Monitoring Business Impact: Management team hold dedicated meetings to monitor business impact in efforts to protect or sustain business functions. This allows for review and possible readjustment as at when due.
  • Business Support for Clients: The Company understands the importance of carrying clients along especially at this time, and therefore has developed strategies to communicate regularly with clients through a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to help navigate the challenges and uncertainty generated by the pandemic.


  • Using Virtual Media: The Company has resorted to making use of platforms such as Zoom, WhatsApp video, etc. to render training to staff and also to schedule meetings with clients and prospects.



At Sheriff Deputies Limited, we are constantly thinking ahead of the pack and here we would like to share some key recommendations as to what companies can do to survive the new normal. For a lot of companies who have lost a lot of customers, the question going forward is, when will their customers come back? But even more important and more under their control is, what will they need to deliver differently in terms of product or service features and benefits? And so, regardless of the perceived challenges, below are some points to consider;

  • Thrive Amidst the Challenges:

    Businesses must fashion out ways to stay afloat and on top of their game regardless of the circumstances.

  • Understand Your Business and Its Operating Model:

    The need to understand one’s business and all its operating models cannot be over emphasized especially at this time as it could really help point the company in the right direction.

  • Risk Management Systems:

    In transitioning during the pandemic and the recovery phase, organizations must prioritize and develop comprehensive risk management framework and systems. At this point, minimum loss, prevention of loss and waste of resources (especially financial) should be the company’s focus.

  • Collaboration is Key:

    As part of the critical action plans required to ensure organizational survival for the new normal, active collaboration through the convening of regular meetings with supply base and customer representatives for pooling ideas is very crucial. If there was ever a time for collaboration, it is now.

  • Stay Positive:

    set up a team whose sole responsibility is to champion the development of the business post-COVID-19. Try new things and strategize continuously.