Top 5 Nigerian Security Tips for the Year 2022

Top 5 Nigerian Security Tips for the Year 2022

As the year 2022 comes to an end, we look at the top security tips that have proved most useful. Not that there aren’t others, but every year has its peculiarities and the year 2022 has been a transition year for many following the year 2020 when we experienced a global pandemic.

Top 5 Nigerian Security Tips for the Year 2022.

We have carefully identified 5 security tips and they are:

1 – Avoid all non-essential travel or movement

The year 2022 in Nigeria has been unfortunately characterized by kidnapping and robbery incidences. Many travelers have been made to rue their decision to travel because of the activities of kidnappers and armed robbers on the roads.

To the very lucky ones who made it out of the arms of their abductors, it’s an emotional and psychological experience that could take a lifetime to heal. Regardless of how strong we are emotionally, an experience like this is not what we pray for.

In times like this, everyone must be more security conscious, that is, your life first! If you must travel ensure to board at designated motor parks and travel when it’s daytime. If you are traveling long distances, you might as well break the journey, that is, if you will be traveling for 18 hours, do a stopover at a neighboring state so that you don’t stay on the expressway till late in the night.

If not, technology has made a lot of things easily, WhatsApp video calls can save lives, and video conferencing is also a good option if you are traveling for a live event. If you need to send money, there are a lot of banking platforms you can use.

2 – Stay alert

Be conscious of your environment. When boarding public transport, take a good look at the other passenger, eye-ball-to-eye-ball, and quickly highlight if you suspect anything, even if you are miles away from your destination.

In like manner, if you see something suspicious, first of all, stay clear, make sure you are in a safer spot, then call the police, don’t try to be the commando if you are not a security officer. Another way to avoid a ‘one chance’ vehicle is to avoid a relatively cheap vehicle, especially at rush hour, also, if the vehicle has a gas-like smell, cover your face and highlight quickly, it could be something else in the air.

3 – Avoid the crowd.

Even though sometimes unavoidable, it is safer to avoid the crowded area, excuse yourself when you can, and don’t remain in the crowd for too long. It is difficult to spot danger when amid the crowd. With the collection of PVCs and mass political campaigns kicking off, be sure to take note of this security tip.

4 – Review your security plans and keep your cell phone charged in case of emergency.

When you are going out, be clear on your destination and keep in mind the routes you are going to take, don’t walk without having a destination in mind. Mobile phones have helped in locating missing persons on countless occasions, so you might as well go out with your handset every time you are going out.

Friends and family can easily track your location if you are staying longer than necessary. Keep your phones on at all times but change your ring profile depending on where you are at a given time.

5 – Carry proper identification.

There are several means of identification in Nigeria, the national ID card, voters card, workplace ID, school ID, and others. The ID card in your wallet doesn’t have to be official, just make sure you have something on you to identify yourself, if there is a need to get a valid means of identification then you can make a provision, thanks to the NIMC most Nigerians have a mean of identification.

Action points

Even though we cannot create life, our creator has given us the knowledge to keep it safe, we have mentioned 5 tips that have been critical to safety in the year 2022, there are more days to come and we will continue to learn more of these security tips.

Security is essential to nation-building and personal growth; the aforementioned tips are not definite but have proven to be helpful. We like to also hear from you, and tell us what security tips have proven to be helpful to you.