4 Security Tips for Confronting Prevailing Security Challenges

4 Security Tips for Confronting Prevailing Security Challenges

The security of an individual or nation means the relative peace and stability of the peaceful coexistence of people in the country. Each country puts in place necessary measures to achieve a state of perfect security.

However, this is nearly impossible. The truth today is that the need for these measures is even more paramount given the prevailing security challenges. Therefore, there is a need to awaken our consciousness of the need to be sensitive to happenings in our environment. This will help to avert any untoward developments in our immediate vicinity.

Nigeria is not alien to security challenges and it has in many ways affected the economic situation of the country. But we remain optimistic about the future, we believe with more funding and strategic community collaboration, the security situation can be better.

4 Security Tips for confronting prevailing security challenges

However, here are some of the identified security challenges in Nigeria and possible ways to combat them.

  1. Terrorism and Jihad:

These are activities of misguided individuals that are aimed at creating fear and molestation of people of other faiths.

Religious leaders should persistently preach love and not hate. Correction should be made in love, and discourage the killings. When terrorists are captured they should be properly tried and prosecuted accordingly to serve as a deterrent to others.

  1. Political Thuggery:

These are largely acts of wrong elements that may be followers of politicians or other leaders of some sort, such as union leaders, cult leaders, etc.

With the 2023 General elections around the corner, politicians should desist from using young people as thugs who cause trouble to frustrate the electorate and sometimes deny them the right to vote for their preferred candidates.


  1. Armed robbery, banditry, and kidnappings:

These include the forceful take-over of individuals who are held hostage until ransoms are paid for their release.

Kidnapping has now sadly become a thriving criminal activity, before now, only a part of the country is known to experience kidnapping but today, due to negligence and under-policing in most communities, nearly every state in the country is now dealing with this ugly menace.

To combat this, community policing should be encouraged and the government should consider state policing to assist the effort of the Nigerian Police Force.


  1. Scammers and Fraudsters:

These are cybercrime activities that take place on the internet, such as identity theft, phishing, and several forms of hacking activities.

The world today is powered by data, smart devices, and many money apps are being used today, scammers exploit loopholes in some of these systems to defraud innocent and sometimes greedy users who want quick money.

In other to prevent their activities, website links/URLs should be verified and, credit/debit card details should not be saved on suspected online platforms. It is also important to note that Banks will never call you to provide verification codes or BVN details.

Action points

Security consciousness is very important, more effort should be made to ensure that security is more assured in the homes, neighborhoods, and community at large. Our roads need to be better secured to prevent kidnapping.

At public centers, effort should be made by administrators or leaders of such organizations by engaging the services of private security guards at their facilities.

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