4 Reasons Why Knowledge in Law Enforcement Should be Criteria for Recruitment in Nigeria Private Security Services

4 Reasons Why Knowledge in Law Enforcement Should be Criteria for Recruitment in Nigeria Private Security Services

There are diverse views on law enforcement in Nigeria, many believe that the country has good enough laws to make the country the greatest in Africa but lacks the will to follow the written law to the letter.

The year 2020 #endSARS protest was caused by what many see as overzealous acts of the members of the Special Anti-robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police Force who brutalize their suspects all in a bit to get enough evidence to get those they have apprehended of their crimes, most especially crimes bothering on robbery and fraud.

It is believed that most of the law enforcement officer either don’t know the law or they have a wrong interpretation of the law itself. While some school of thought believe that corruption has caused the country to regress on many ground of progress.

Today, we are going to look at reasons why companies recruiting security personnel should rigorously test applicants in the area of law enforcement. We believe that if everyone knows what the laws say about the usually controversial topics, we can all take heed and not be on the other side of the law.

4 Reasons Why Knowledge in Law Enforcement Should be Criteria for Recruitment in Nigeria Private Security Services

Law Enforcement Officers are highly trained to respond excellently when a security emergency arises, but they also have an understanding of legal procedures. The law enforcement officers are essentially The Nigeria Police Force. They provide the optimum protection by using the skills and talents gained from years on the job.

Hiring security guards with experience in law enforcement is a smart choice when you want effective protection for your business, home, or event. Here are a few reasons why.


1. They are calm under pressure

Security personnel with law enforcement (police) training have been taught to handle intense situations before it gets blown out of proportion, that why the police are always part of dispute resolution. Their ability to listen to arguments and negotiate the best option for concerned parties beats one’s imagination.

This should be a basic skill for security guards because they will be faced with situations where they make the spot decision and this decision would make or mare the state of security at their place of assignment.


2. They are familiar with the Law

There is no law enforcement without the knowledge of the law. A benefit of hiring security personnel with law enforcement experience is their expansive knowledge of Nigerian laws.

They are also important in law processes and are familiar with legal proceedings and tend to unfazed with tension or bias when testifying in court, their confessions are based on evidence gotten from their investigations. It safe to say, they seek and act on pieces of evidence.


3. Experience with Guns Handling

Gun handling is a critical aspect of law enforcement, the task force and special unit of the police is made skilled officers with good weapons handling skill. During training, they are trained on gun safety and have strict rules on the use of drugs and other alcoholics, especially when in possession of a weapon because it can make them abuse the weapon if provoked or under pressure.

Hiring an armed security guard or bodyguard with years of experience and training in the use of firearms and safety only makes sense. You can be confident they will act and respond effectively and calmly should any security issues arise.


4. Respect and Integrity

Despite facing lots of backlash from Nigeria, the Nigeria Police is still regarded as one of the best in Africa. No one who blame the police if they can effectively carry out the basic objectives of providing security for everyone living in Nigeria.

Security guards with training in community policing still carried some level of regard from the general public. We know there are some corrupt security personnel, we believe the government is doing its best to address concerns made by servicemen.

Police officers who transition to security positions tend to treat their jobs with more courtesy and respect. Their experience in remaining cool-headed under pressure makes them successful as security professionals.


Action point

Private Security Companies like Sheriff Deputies is helping to bridge the gap in the Nigeria Police by providing police trained security guard at private, commercial properties and other people who might need their advice on issues bothering on security and safety issues.

Nigeria is still regarded as an under-policed country, hence the massive investment by private security companies in the recruitment and training of eligible Nigerians. You cannot go wrong hiring security guards with experience in law enforcement.

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