5 Ways Security Guards Can Prevent Bullying in Schools

5 Ways Security Guards Can Prevent Bullying in Schools

The joy of every parent or guardian is to see that their wards excel in all that they do. Their hope is that their wards uphold their legacy and grow up to become a better version of themselves.

Part of the legacy you can give your children is a good education. It will help the children to be relevant amongst their peers and also in their generation. Education is important for any country that wants to stand tall among the community of nations, and everyone has a part to play though. There is the part of the government, the parents, and the children themselves.

Students are faced with several vices in school, some of which are unknown to parents. The parents, on their part, ensure that school fees are paid and stationeries needed are bought to aid their learning.

Whatever happens, while they are in school will affect students. If your ward is happy in school, there is a good chance that they will do well academically, but if they are distracted by non-academicals activities they might struggle to attain excellence in their education.

5 Ways Security Guards Can Prevent Bullying in Schools

In this article, we are going to be addressing one of the issues children/students are faced with which is bullying. A bully is someone who seeks to harm, intimidate, or coerce someone who is perceived to be vulnerable.

Upon reading this article, readers will see the impact the presence of security guards can have in eliminating cases of bullying in secondary and other tertiary institutions.

  1. Unscheduled Patrol (Foot and vehicular)

A property where security patrols are done from time to time to deter illegal gathering and discourage criminals. The presence of the security patrol alone is enough to secure the property guarded and reduce the risk of cult or violence.

Security patrol is not restricted to vehicular patrol, foot patrol is another discrete way of monitoring activities because little or no warning is given to erring students, unlike vehicular patrol where erring students could notice an approaching vehicle due to the sound of the vans engine or Amber light.

  1. Surveillance Camera

Asides from offices and other private areas, other parts of the school should have surveillance cameras. The cameras should be installed at strategic areas of location such that there will be little or no blind spots within the school premises.

The more interesting part of this security gadget is that the feeds from the camera must be monitored by trained security personnel, otherwise, they will not be quick to identify and avert the threat.

  1. Behavioral Evaluation

The behavioral evaluation of students should be done. When you see a student who you know to be an extrovert suddenly start to be reserved, one should be kind enough to ask about their sudden behavior change. Their response can help to prevent an unfortunate occurrence.

Security guards are trained to be friendly and disciplined, suspicious behavior students should be reported to the school authority who then recommends distant monitoring of the student in question by the security guards.

For effectiveness, tutors must work to ensure a good working relationship with the security guards on duty.

  1. Proper lighting of School Premises

The importance of proper lighting in school premises cannot be overemphasized, a poorly lit premise is not good for security nor is it a good way to prevent social vices like cultism and bullying among students.

A well-light premise discourages illegal gatherings, as research has shown that bullying and cultism are carried out in isolated and poorly lit areas. Though security guards use flashlights during a patrol, their jobs become easier when the larger part of the premises is properly lit.

The purpose of the properly lighted school premises will be defeated if there’s no guard to arrest erring students.

  1. Stern Campaign against Drug Abuse

One approach adopted by Security Guards is to strongly discourage drug abuse among students, drug abuse has been associated with violence in schools. Drug abuse can complicate or increase the risk of mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety which is a common cause of bullying and other violence in academic institutions.

To curb drug abuse, routine ‘stop and search is carried out on vehicles and bags of students, we also educate students on the effects of drug abuse.

Action Points

Security guards have a part to play in the prevention of bullying in schools, they are to ensure the safety of everyone and that means deploying their professional skills in identifying activities that have been known to precede life-threatening bullying amongst students.

Schedule a free security assessment of your school premises, this is your first step to preventing and curbing bullying in your school.